Dairy Event/Location (revived)

Dairy Event/Location (revived)

Postby cmacleod42 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:32 pm

(restored from a web cache)
I recently did some small tweaks to the game (my apologies Wahn and hiccup for not asking before). I am inspired to develop some new content for the game, probably over the christmas holodays.

I like fantasies involving pregnancy, body modification, milking, slavery, herms and assorted other fetishes.

So I was thinking of creating a dairy, please note this is a high level descrption. Primarily I am checking here if what I am describing is consistent and reasonable for the game and nothing is impossible (Stage 4/5 notably)

Each stage below can be a separate release of the event

Stage 1:
- an old warehouse/large shop on the edge of the Urban Jungle/Warehouse District, if the two are nearish each other
- overgrown a bit but with very securely barred windows and doors with no clear way in
- appears to have some residual power (dimly lighted at night), maybe an intact solar array
- can only be first found in the early morning or early evening

Initially you can peek in a window and see a number of bound people (variable forms, all mostly female) with breasts attached to a milking machine, most are heavily pregnant. You see a person (undecided on details, maybe a mutated hermaphrodite gryphon) fucking one of them to impregnate them. This scene can have several variations.

The milkman is present only in the early morning and early evening. When the milkman is not present there can be alternate scenes,say an occaisonal birthing scene.

Stage 2:
Here you attempt to get access to the interior. Using "a wait and watch" action you will observe the "milkman" fly away, exiting via the roof

You then will have to work out how to get up there. My thoughts are inially
a) if you have wings and a reaonable strength then you jump/fly up there
b) cat form or similar to climb up the growth
c) otherwise visit the Firestation and get an old ladder from Kenaz (for simplicity something of no use for firefighting anymore so he can give it to you). Would require you to have assisted him a bit. Also have enough carrying capacity to lift it.

Maybe omit a), b) as too simple, but seems logical.

Once done you can covertly enter the dairy, you can fuck the captives (and cuckold the milkman), milk them. Initially you realise they are securely bound and need keys to unlock them

This can persist if you realise the milkman is only present at the limited times.

If you overstay and the milkman returns then you get a Game Over, as are you are rendered unconscious and wake up in a milking stall and being fucked. If you did not previously have breasts you do now. Ditto for a vagina.

Stage 3:
Here you confront and fight the milkman. Either a difficult fight (ie make him quite tough), or have a fetch quest to obtain a knockout druf of your own and lace something in the Dairy.
Probably initially just a bad-ass fight. Note sure how to do this aside from make a tough monster

You are now the new milkman. You can
a) free the captives for a boost to humanity and some other trivial reward like an item

Stage 4
b) keep them, and continue the fucking, breeding and milking. This is the main path, from here on

note: after combat option to lock up the milkman as a new occupant, if you have appropriate items to transform him.

The interior will have 9 areas, a main room, and 8 stalls. Initially 4/5 stalls occupied. Each stall has an occupant with options
"milk", "fuck", "free"
Each occupant will have a pregnancy tracker and will give birth perioduically. You can give them distilled milk to increase breast size. Possibly other things like fertility pills etc

"milk" will just induce a mutation as you drink their milk (like the action for Timothy), but maybe give an actual item of their type of milk of they give/drop.

Stage 5:
Hunting - after you defeat a person in combat you can now get an option to "keep" them. Restrict initially to female/herm characters. Then cut scene to dairy and add new occupant to an unoccupied stall.

I am not clear on how possible this stage is in the engine for the game, mainly adding the option, and adding the new occupant. Also I do not want the "keep" option to be too obtrusive, appearing every combat for instance, so probably only for creatures that can drop a milk type item.

Optional bits
- a side quest to find out how Rod distills milk and get your own distiller

- milking males, not so much of milk here but cum

- but with MPreg then breast milking is possible if they have breasts and MPreg enabled, so maybe a MPreg equivalent of a 'fertile pill'

= Bovine milk can cause a heat, so allow for special effects here

assuming this is ok and I develop this in the next month or so, I will contact Kaleem McIntyre for permission for linking to the Kenaz events, if denied I will add it as exploration event to find a ladder.
Similarly for any combat mchanical changes.

There were replies in the original forum for this that

a) I will locate the Dairy in the Floating City. Look/feel of the Dary will be adjusted to match that location
b) add hints/events to the "Free Milk" and "Gryphon Milkman" events (already done)
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Re: Dairy Event/Location (revived)

Postby cmacleod42 » Tue Dec 10, 2013 5:48 pm

Query for other developers, more for style/preferences.

I am going to be modifying the Floating City (Quayat a'th Lundres, sorry not sure exact spelling) to

a) tweak some descriptions to give the indications of buildings in the distance

b) add a simple explore to find the Dairy. Probably a little like the finding stairs type events for the Hospital. Have a variable indicating the stages of the exploration. Here you will have
- see what appear to be high towers in the distance, obscured by the floating tents
- getting close
- at the North Tower. Extremely high with flying creatures circling (herm gryphons roosting) some sealed structures at the base
- repeat and arrive at the East Tower. Here one of the structures at the base is the Dairy. Here then link the Dairy to the City Plaza as you now know how to get there.
- two other towers (West, South) look shattered (to partly explain how the city Is falling out of its higher dimension into out mundane reality)

Possible have some random/set encounters with Hermaphrodite Gryphons at each newly explored part.

So for my queries
1) for a) I will have to modify the existing code for Hellenhound (forget immediatly the exact name of the developer, I am at work, sorry). Do I have permission for these changes? It is a little awkward now with the forum reset to PM the developer.

2) for the exploring should I add to a new file for the Dairy, or should I add it into the existing code to keep general stuff for the Floating City in the same source file?

3) SaveWords? Is the discovery of the Floating City included in the SaveWords? If not shall I add into them a block for
a) discovery of the stairs and the Gryphon Guard event
b) state of exploration
c) other state variables as I need for the Dairy

Also while here do the SaveWords include the state for the Shifting events?

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Re: Dairy Event/Location (revived)

Postby Wahn » Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:35 pm

Sorry for not getting any answers to the questions you posted here, totally overlooked them until now, I have to admit. Anyways, here's my opinion about it all:

1) Hellerhound is long, long gone and his files are more or less fair game for expansions and upgrades as long as you keep the general atmosphere and intent going. I myself have restructured and rewritten his files for the zoo and gryphon's plot, so go can go ahead with fixing up the flying city, no problem.

2) I'd say put in the exploring and events into the city file, but the dairy in a separate one. The dairy is bound to become quite a chunk of code, so it'd be easier to have that separate.

3) Entry #46 in the savewords seems to track finding the shifting stuff in the flying city and does restore if the "Guard Gryphon" event has been encountered and the stairs are known. The variable connected to that is "shiftable"
Here's the code in question:
Code: Select all
         -- 46:   [Shifting]
            if the player's command matches "[number]":
               now shiftable is the number understood;
               now Secure Area is unresolved;
               now Guard Gryphon is unresolved;
               if shiftable > 0:
                  now Secure Area is resolved;
               if shiftable is 2:
                  now Guard Gryphon is resolved;
                  now findablestairs is 1;

If you got any more questions, have something to read for feedback or the like, just ask.

Oh, and I only just now realized that you're the person responsible for the Slave Maker 3 game when I checked out some other games-sites I hadn't visited in a while. Nice work on that. Also good to hear that you've found a place on Fenoxo's forum after the trouble you had with the other site.
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