My idea

My idea

Postby elven » Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:16 pm

Hello. I`m one of the people who got here by invitation from blog and I wanted to lay out here my ideas. Some of them may be quite ambitious, and they would need to wait a bit, untill I`ll get a hang of coding using this language.

First of all my favorite kink is corruption, others are just a manifestation of it. It goes very well with Mind Control and Transformations.

As I`ve seen this game it seems to me that it lacks some management side. The character that you`re playing in this game gets into a very strange and dangerous situation, but during the whole game - he or she mostly just tries to survive. It doesn`t tries to get something out of the situation. Surely someone gathers around him during the play, but they are the same - victims of an acident. Your bunker serves your character as a hide out mostly, but what if player wants to abuse this situation and get as much out of it as possible, if he or she tries enough, perhaps he`ll be able to control this town.

From here I see two possible ways:
1) Player finds some MC device that gives him control over infected in some area (Area limit needed so other NPCs could be slowly added to the pool of possible victims to this device). This would be more tech oriented theme.
2) Something that revolves around tentacles and tentacle hives.

So I wanted to hear ideas of you people about the stuff that circles inside my brain. And of cource from the start I`ll just add some starting events or monsters for this ideas. Adding something this huge to game mechanic should be done later, if done at all.
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Re: My idea

Postby nukuv » Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:42 am

I would suggest, rather than trying to corrupt the bunker, which would clash with so much code that one's mind might just shatter, making a different HQ for such shenanigans. You could even remove the bunker from the list of places you could go to if you get far enough(Abandoning your old friends in the process).
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Re: My idea

Postby elven » Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:17 pm

That was exactly the idea. Haven`t even thought about using your old bunker as a base.
When I was thinking about what idea I`d like to see more I decided to create both. So I was thinking about an event either under Trevor`s lab or somewhere inside the sewers, where you meet some human females fighting against tentacled girls, you have the choice to help either of them and after this is over losers - run while you return to the base of your chosen comrades. After that a quest to vanquish other party starts. You`d be able to invite some new NPC`s there and even transform them into someting more suitable for the base you`re in.
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Re: My idea

Postby elven » Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:14 pm

Ok, so this is my first creation - monster named tentacle sack. It`s be one of three critters for tentacled faction that I want to create. Feel free to throw stones at me if you don`t like something.
Tentacle Sack For FS.rar
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Re: My idea

Postby Wahn » Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:59 pm

Here's a few things I saw when skipping over the file:

- You can't just leave the cock entry empty... something has to go between those ""
- The tail entry is the only one that should end on a . All the other body parts have the . added automatically, so you're creating a .. with the face entry.
- The general formatting standard is 5 blanks after starting a say. You're currently inconsistent inside the file itself with none, 1 or 3 blanks.
- Various of the say blocks are missing . at the end.
- There are some double blanks, as well as blanks before a comma.
- "laying body" should be "lying body"
- Please let a spellchecker run over your files before sending them in. Some things just found: crwal, quiclky, stedy, thiner, dgging, unkown, ...
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