New Monster Registration

New Monster Registration

Postby Morianno » Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:04 pm

Hello and thank you to whoever takes this on.

[Eldritch Hive]
The idea is a mutation that creates an overly pregnant female creature. Her primary instinct is to unbirth her victims to add to the eggs she is carrying. Slowed by the weight of her brood, she make use of tentacles to drag victims in.

_Skin: smooth grey skin covered in shifting tatoos. 
_Head: soft rounded face, long hair, solid black eyes, pouty lips that hide a set of sharp flesh tearing teeth. 
_Torso: thick and curvy, belly is a massive pulsating sphere of a pregnancy.  
_Breasts: Pendulous, milk bloated breasts each capped with a leaky teat like nipple.  
_Arms: thin and delicate. Ill-suited for combat
_Legs: A mass of tentacles.
_Ass: huge and wobbly bubble butt.
_Groin: 1 cavernous meaty pussy.

_Height: 6.2 - 7.5 
_Weight: 450 lb. - 900 lb.
_Breasts: 2 
_Breast size: 10 
_Cunts: 1 
_Cunt length: 24 
_Clit size: 7

(If player infected is male or herm)
_Dick: a prehensile bulbed penis 
_Balls: pulsating.

_Penis: 1 
_Penis Size: 20 
_Balls: 2 
_Ball Size: 22

Possible Victories
_Unbirth the victim to add too the brood
_consume victim,

(If player is male or herm)
_Leave victim impregnated to the point of immobility.

_Head: Mothering instinct  
_Legs: crushing coil   
_Torso: Extra girth, Stretchy 
_Groin: Engulf, Drain vitae 
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