combat AI messed up.

combat AI messed up.

Postby danglinhson » Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:52 am

I don't know if I messed things up with web AI interface or direct game control equip/unequip items or something, but lately when I turn auto combat on, my char just keeps on using/equipping items in my inventory, and the lines "This does not appear to be any supported usable item!" and "You can't take that much payload at once" keep on showing up . I used the Customer Service (twice) and I was told that my combat AI was stuck with using equipment I unequipped ... my combat AI was cleared up after that and things went okay for sometime until problems appear ... a few days after that. This is a real let-down , really, since I have to change equipments to face different fights . Is there any way to clear my combat AI by myself ? I don't want to submit tickets about the same matter again and again, that would be so troubling to others.
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