Still unable to play FS?

Still unable to play FS?

Postby Crowsnow » Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:58 am

Hi, hopefully I am posting in the right section, I am still unable to play FS after more than a week of waiting. At this time, I am assuming that I was banned or suspended but I still have no clue why I would have been banned or suspended. The only thing that I can think of is when I was first and mistakenly IP address blocked by a staff member to which Hinoserm told me he couldn't tell me why and that it could've been a mistake. That was during my very first week of playing FS, and because I didn't know about the forums and I was trying to get the attention of staff to help me, I used a IP address changer after waiting 2 plus weeks because at that time I believed it was a problem with the game itself until I successfully got my friends to play FS. In short here is what I am trying to say. If using an IP address changer is against the game's rules, why did the game staff make it so difficult to reach them and why is my forum post being ignored? I'm assuming it's being ignored, it's been more than a week and there has been 40 views on my post. I also wanted to add that if my ISP isn't working for several days or if I was IP address blocked for several days, as a player who recently spent mako (in game micro transaction money) and as someone who invited their friends to play FS, and if my forum posts are being read but not resolved by staff, then I have no other choice but to try to change my IP or to use a friend's IP if only to utilize the customer service option embedded in the game's webpage. And I specifically remember, the only thing I ever did on public chat was ask if anyone else was having trouble getting on the game. I believe a staff member, songbird or hinoserm read that and took that to mean that I had been banned, suspended, or IP blocked or whatever and that I had used illicit means to circumvent the block. Actually, I asked on chat because I didn't want to bother the staff because the last time I used the customer service option for this IP block and the rewards system glitch and the "security error unable to connect" issues, a staff member told me to stop sending additional tickets or I would be punished. So I used a different IP to get on and I used chat to ask if anyone else was having difficulties because I wanted to know if the problem was with just my ISP or if others had similar ISP problems because I had heard that there were ISP location based problems. If I was punished because I was using a different IP, then please rethink why I had to go the distance to even use a different IP. I only have a single character on FS and a single account on FS, please think about why the IP rule is even being enforced. Is it not because of players who might change their IP to create additional accounts and multi account their way to take advantage of other players and to create unfair roleplay and combat scenarios? Obviously, I am not one of those players. I've had an alt on my account before for a single day because I wanted to see what an alt would be starting with and if my friends would be able to recognize my alt for me, but beyond that and beyond my first account which was created using a temporary email, I've never played around with another character or had multiple characters and accounts to try and take advantage of other players. Please, there is no reason to have banned me or suspended me which is what I am assuming what must have happened. And if there is no easy way to reach customer service, other players, or staff to someone who can't get on with their IP, there is no other choice for that person but to use another IP. Especially also when the single player version of the game is also being blocked to the player, yes I am a player who enjoys the single player version and by blocking my IP which is what I'm assuming happened, there is no way for me to play the single player version. And I honest to God can not see how all this helps FS keep rule breakers and other offenders and trouble makers out of the game. I have spent around 40 plus mako in FS and I have recently purchased a spreader bar, a pbrt, and a collar. There's simply no reason why I'd do anything to risk being banned or suspended or being IP blocked, and there's no reason for me to have been, the only thing I asked on chat right before this happened was "is anyone having trouble getting on the game" to which people said it may be a location issue with some ISPs. Please help me and let me play this game again, and it's single player version, I had invested much time and effort to play FS.
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