Can't log in to FS?

Can't log in to FS?

Postby Crowsnow » Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:45 pm

I tried logging in through the website and it says "Couldn't find an account with that username/password" and this is the first time that this has ever happened to me. I also tried logging in through a MUSH client and it says "Incorrect login." What does this mean?

I have also just attempted to send this letter to Nuku, but it seems my letters fail to send to Nuku because Nuku does not exist? Anyway, hopefully Nuku or a staff member will be able to read this and help me with my plight.

Dear Nuku, :)
I just wanted to let you know that I am unable to log into Flexible Survival and I am unable to log into Rusted Promises. Long story short, I am confused as to why I am unable to log in using my information, and I have been using the correct information to log in. :? I would really appreciate it if you would please get back to me in a timely manner, as I enjoy playing both games and I plan to continue playing. Thank you so much, I enjoy your games and I would love to continue playing them.
I highly doubt that my account was suspended or banned or IP blocked because this past weekend, I have actually been too busy to actually do or say much of anything in the game, for most of the time I just idled in the lobby and did the patrol points thing and fought some monsters, though 3 days ago or so I did a small roleplay with Seguro. I am a player who actually roleplays a few days a week, I have roleplayed with Carabarus, Seguro, Deamona, Fally, as well as others. I try to respect my fellow players and friends, and I am (hopefully) known to be kind. Thank you, I would very much appreciate your help.
I have had trouble loading the Flexible Survival website and loading Flexible Survival through a Muck client in the past, however I was always able to log in with my email/username and password. I did have an incident during my first week of game play when apparently I was IP blocked, but when I asked using customer support tickets and my friend's ISP internet, no reasons or explanations were given as to why I was dealt such a punishment, and a staff member actually told me that it may have been a mistake considering I was very new to the game. A few months later, while I was in a roleplay scene with friends, a staff member actually asked in the chat "Didn't I already ban you?" to which several people in the chat replied saying it had been someone else with a name similar to mine who was flooding the chat with an incomprehensible use of English.
Most recently, last month I had another incident similar to an ISP block for a day before it started working again and the staff and the people online said it must have been a problem with my ISP and that several other players' ISPs were causing trouble as well.
Thank you
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