The Hitchhiker's Guide to Flexible Survival (2.0)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Flexible Survival (2.0)

Postby Mirage » Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:59 am

Hello everyone, This is Version 2.0 of the Hitchhiker's Guide to Flexible Survival. I am opening this up to anyone who wants to contribute. Simply reply and as the subject, put your 'chapter' title. This is not nor will ever be a replacement for the help files but it can help. I have been working it as both an IC and OOC thing. Without further Ado...


The hitchhiker's guide to Flexible Survival a most fascinating book. Not only is it Fascinating but it is a highly successful book. More Popular then The Joys of Mutation, better selling Fifty More Ultra fun things to do with Nanites, and more controversial then RSX Solution's manual trio, Where Zephyr Went Wrong, More of Zephyr's Biggest Mistakes, and Who is this Zephyr Company anyway? In much world it has already bypassed the Encyclopedia Britannica as the standard of knowledge. This is largely because it is much smaller then the Encyclopedia Britannica and because it has the words:
Don't Panic!
Inscribed in large friendly letter on it's cover. To a lesser degree, it is because the Publishers of the Encyclopedia Britannica have been mutated into a pack of Dwarfs and they are currently mining out a mountain to live in and to host their frequent orgies. Without Further Ado welcome to the Guide.
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Entering the World

Postby Mirage » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:05 am

So you have decided to enter the madness of this crazy world. Welcome to Flexible Survival. This all may seem a little confusing but Don't Panic!

"Ah...! What's happening it thought. Er, Excuse me, who am I? Hello? Why am I here? What's my purpose in life? What do I mean by who am I?" - Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
Welcome to Flexible Survival!

To begin creating your chracter, type +chargen

If you are a guest, type request (name) (password) to get a character.

Already have a character? relog (name) (password)

You can talk to others by typing pub (message).

Turn on colors with color on

This is pretty easy here. You have your name and you can talk to people on the public line and on the newbie line. Once you have your name in place you can move on to the next room.
This is character generation. Here you will assemble yourself. Simply proceed through each room with the next command and follow the instructions.

REMEMBER: You can RESET whenever you want before you are approved if you want to start over.

BIG HINT: Type help

One last thing, type newbie (message) to ask questions.

Help is a lifeline on Flexible Survival. If you have a question, there is a good chance that the answer can be found in the help files. The Newbie chat is another place to get answers for immediate questions. Keep moving forward!

We have to set a few basic things before we can continue. These are in order.

+time: Check the current In Character (IC) time.

+time birthday: Set your character's birthday. Month goes 1-12. Day goes 1-30.

+register: Create or use an account.

+finish: Completes this portion of chargen so you can continue.

Now, You are getting into the actual creation of your character. It is a delightful idea for you to check the time so you can base your age appropriately. A few tips for your birthday, Plan accordingly. There are no kids in Flexible Survival. The mutation causes ageing to accelerate to adulthood. So you can be born before P-Day or after.

Also in this room, you can register your account. This is important so you can keep track of your characters and your mako which will be explained in the chapter on currency.

Here you can purchase Perks (positive qualities) and Flaws (negative qualities) for your character.

list flaws
Shows all available flaws
list perks
Shows all available perks
list perks (number)
Shows all the available perks that cost (number)
list perks all
Shows all available perks regardless of requirements
buy perk (perk)
To purchase a perk
buy flaw (flaw)
To purchase a flaw
sell (perk/flaw)
Sell back a perk or flaw
+rpinfo (perk/flaw)
Get info on a perk or flaw
See what perks and flaws you have
perks #
See details on a perk/flaw

You get 26 points worth of perks. Points unspent will become more perk points you can take later.

Now you get to define your character. Use the commands to see just what is available. Flaws are free. Perks cost points. You can use the +RPinfo command on all of these things to find out just what they do. Another option is . All the perks and flaws are listed out with their various descriptions making this even easier for you! If you find that you don't have enough points, you can buy more later.

Welcome to Theme and Policy! This should be a quick step, but it is important. Color is required for this room. If it is not on, type color on now.

Type terms to see the Terms of Service.

This is a very important thing. Read the theme and policy. If you try to come in as some sort of mage you can expect to be laughed and possibly fed to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

Now for the finishing touches:

editplayer: Allows you to set a description and other vital statistics.

wi #help: Set your RP Preferences

+approveme: Get approval!

Good luck!

For additional information: +url

You can always +rpinfo (almost anything) for information.'

Finally, be sure to check out +help basic rules and +help background.

All done in here? Type exit to escape!

Finally we come to the part that ties it all together. First you can editplayer to set how you look and your preferences. You can also set up a background here. A background, put simply, is your past. Where you came from and what drives you. It doesn't need to be long. Plus it doesn't even need to be done before you enter the game! You can skip it entirely for a while. Once you are ready, get yourself approved and leave Chargen. You've successfully made it through the character creation process.
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Heat and that Burning Desire (by Salandra)

Postby Mirage » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:27 pm

The best way to fight it is with a friend and some condoms, or your fingers. It lessens the itch, but nothing removes the burning need or empty feeling except being cum in, and, when in heat, that nearly always means offspring.
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Your first 24 hours

Postby Mirage » Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:10 pm

Now many people will likely skip over this part only to come back to it and say, "Oh Dear! This is me! I did all these things!"
So you have been processed and you've entered your base building. Welcome home. Here you can get some toys! In fact that is your first step! Get some toys. A guy will stop ya before you leave and ask you a few questions. This is where you get your first weapons!

This is a major thing. Not only are there a number of people who will give you quests but there are other agents out there who have been through everything you're going through. They will help you if you ask. This is also how you start getting money and stuff. Quests allow you to explore the area and get to know where you are going. +MAP and/or MAP will give you a map of the area. You can also speak with people in your home faction who can adjust your pharomone levels and your threat levels. This is very valuable when you are working to become stronger.


You probably won't get to far before you see them...
randy, horny, switched on, cocks throbbing, cum dripping, pussy leaking, mindless, sex crazed beings who have been altered by nanites.
Some of these are creatures like skunk girls, or goo girls, Gryphons, succubi, Zombies, and even rubber balls. There are countless Feral creatures roaming the streets and they usually have one thing on their mind. Spending a little quality time with you.
During your first encounters, at some point, odds are you are going to be infected by specific sets of nanites.
You will survive and you will not go feral the first time. The first time this happens, you will completely change into whatever it is you are infected by. This means if you are infected by a goo girl congratulations, you will be Jello within the next hour. The only way to prevent this is if you were lucky enough to be inoculated against transformation nanites. Some species go into heat quickly, Especially Skunk Girls and Huskies. If you lose a fight while in heat (and sometimes when not in heat) You will get pregnant. If you get pregnant, congratulations, it's an adult! If you don't want to get pregnant and wish to avoid the whole messy thing, go visit the mall. Buy up some birth control pills!

There are many rare abilities and forms in this world that only few acquire. These are called Dedication abilities. You usually need Mako in order to achieve them but there are a number of them and they offer strange skills and different abilities making them very nice in some cases. Some even grant the ability to revert to forms you've already been.
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