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Re: Suggestions Wanted

Postby gregdaweson7 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:10 am

an in-built character editor would be nice for testing purposes.
you could add this to Trixie's 'iwannacheat' menu
the editor would have all the options the old saveword edit trick would have with species, amount/size settings for all the sex organs, a button to add levels, feats and money and an option to freeze the tfs.
this would make testing far easier and would allow players to experience a pure human to whatever tf much easier.
also you could have an encounters button in each location so we could easily get the desired encounter, an example would be using the button to get the centaur encounter to get to the hotel easily
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Re: Suggestions Wanted

Postby Syril_of_Snow » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:24 am

This is just a small one I wanted to mention.
When going with the Football Wolfmen and doing the cheerleader side, it actually warns you that the Cheerbreeder feat only allows you to have Football Wolfmen.
Maybe add something like that to other types of feats that do that, such as Chase's Breeder.
I just almost had to restart my save because I didn't know that.
I had assumed it was like Human Carrier, only for when pregnant with that certain baby, not an offspring override.
Just a small thought I had to minimize people having to restart if they accidentally get the feat, I was lucky enough that I had exported save out just before that.
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