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Postby jackson34 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:26 am

JosephCroft wrote:
BillyPalmer wrote:
Shoggoth on the Roof wrote:Shifting changes you toward the default gender of whatever form you're switching to and moves your breasts and genitals toward that form's base size and number. The only way to avoid réduire le poids avec phen q france sans effets secondaires is if you're got the feats to counter this (One Way, Just One/All The Things, Male/Female/Herm Preferred). So by default, shifting into a Satyr will move you toward male while shifting into a Lamia will move you toward female, which most of the time will likely result in you ending up as a herm.

That explains it. I never understood why I was ending up as a herm. Thanks a lot for your explanation.

Please accept my thanks too. A very clear and concise explanation and now I know why I was ending up as a herm.

Perfect explanation. I am also shifting into a Lamia so things are much more clear for me now.
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