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Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:27 pm
by TigerStripes
Writer for Hire:
ORIGINALLY POSTED: <unknown> (updated and edited when reposted)
NOTE: Please do not reply to this thread, as it will be for the devs to post commission/WfH-related information.
Here's an overview of the Writer for Hire program in general. For those unfamiliar with it, donations made to support the game can be used to purchase 'development time' from the writers/coders on the team. While Stripes, as the lead dev, generally handles these requests, there are several others who can take commissions as well. Time is purchased at a rate of $15/hour, with a share going to support the expense of maintaining the game and the rest to the dev working on your request.

At the end of the month, the total value of all donations is totalled and a bonus hour is awarded for each full hundred dollars in donations we've gotten. Generally voted upon by the fans, these bonus hours are put towards more content/improvements to the game. This gives everyone an opportunity to have their say in what the bonus content will be for any given month. While the options vary from month to month, some possibilities will return from time to time. As well, any option that doesn't win can always be commissioned by an interested fan.

How to Make a Request:
To make a donation, use the DONATE button on the main blog page to place your donation. You should then send Nuku a separate email at dms dot silver at gmail dot com to tell him you've got a Writer for Hire request to go with your recent donation. Some requests have even come with a few options for the dev to do, letting them pick the one that seems the most interesting or which inspires them the most. Do NOT include details of your request in the notes of the donation itself. After your initial email, we may bounce a message or two back and forth to discuss any details as needed. Should you have a more elaborate or detailed request in mind, you can also use the messenger system built into this forum to contact a dev and discuss what you'd like. If you have concerns about the scope or feasibility of your plan, or just want to discuss the idea a little before opting to donate, you can certainly message us before placing your donation.

The remainder below is mainly from my own experience. It will vary somewhat from request to request and some details will vary from dev to dev, but they should be a good general guideline for making a writer for hire request.

As a rough guide to production times:
One hour: Some new content/scenes for existing creature/NPC.
One hour: Add endings to an existing creature (maybe a with a little leftover for minor tweaks elsewhere).
One hour: Adding a handful of new forms for Larissa. Donator may pick a couple of these and the rest will be chosen to keep the list balanced.
One-two hours: Adding an interaction/threesome to a compatible pair of NPCs.
Two-hour hours: Add a small task to do for an NPC, perhaps with a reward/new item/'thank-you' scene at the end. More complex tasks and/or scenes w/more time.
Three hours: Importing an existing creature for FS multiplayer w/an okay-good level of content.
Three-four hours: Make a new pet with a few scenes and simple introduction.
Four hours: Make a new critter w/an okay level of content.
Four hours: Make a simple new NPC with a few scenes.
Six hours: Make a new critter w/good level of content for both win and loss.
Six hours: Make a simple new NPC with a good number or scenes or fancier introduction.
Eight hours+: More elaborate projects, new mechanics, quests, branching paths, etc...

These are just rough estimates of the time involved for fairly general requests. More specific stuff takes longer, both from a writing and coding standpoint. If you tell me you want "more gryphon lovin'", then I have plenty of leeway to work my mojo in. It may not be what you expect, but it'll definitely contain more gryphon lovin'. Something specific like "NPC-X with this and that and four kinds of cheese", then I have less space to manoeuvre, but I'll still do my best to give it to you. Giving the dev some latitude to follow their inspiration can often have interesting and fun results, but if you have a concrete idea of what you want to see, then we will do our best to provide it.

Fancy Tricks:
Some tricks and variations take shorter/longer than others, but I've got lots of content already made to 'borrow' code from to streamline this. This also allows for a considerable amount of options within most any of these categories. If you've seen an NPC or monster do some trick or special variation, there's a good chance that can be used on another. New mechanics can also be made with some time for coding and beta-testing. Possibilities abound. Don't expect me to break the game's code for a small project, but I can often reuse existing tricks in a new spot. Got a bigger project, well... then we can talk. :)

Difficult Requests:
When making a request, please keep in mind what you know about the game world and any characters you wish to influence. While a lot of things are possible during the nanite outbreak occurring in Flexible Survival, some things are not possible within the universe Nuku's created. There's some room to bend things around the edges or re-imagine potential ideas into something which works a little better. While some of the stuff made in the past doesn't always follow the rules of the universe, we'd like to keep the new stuff more or less in canon.

While we can do quite a bit with the code and have learned many ways to accomplish new mechanics in the game, some features of how the game functions at a fundamental level may make some ideas implausible due to conflicts with basic issues with Inform and/or the core FS system. While these issues rarely come up with requests, they do appear from time to time. Inform is a very flexible language, making it very good environment for Flexible Survival, but the way many basic elements of the game have been constructed cannot be changed because of how much has been built overtop of them. Some can be adjusted or expanded with new variations, but others are harder to adjust.

Similarly, asking for an established NPC to act out of character or for their story arc to deviate wildly can be difficult if not impossible. In several cases, it may simply not be possible to effect such strong changes because of how they were coded. While there's many ways to construct an NPC and its particular eccentricities, not all design schemes are easily changed or compatible with certain possible paths without a prohibitive amount of redesign. When such possibilities where planned for in there initial creation, it is much easier to do so than with older characters. Also, the more an NPC ties into other content, the more stuff has to be checked for cross-compatibility if serious character changes are made. But don't despair, we can often extend an NPC's existing character arc, expand upon their content or broaden their horizons through interesting new scenes/events.

If you've got an idea you'd like to see done, it doesn't hurt to check. Alternatively, a new NPC, monster or quest can be made to explore this idea you have, letting them be designed towards your goals from the start. This can even lead into...

Extended Projects:
Many things can be built in parts as well, if you can't go for it all at once, but are willing to see it added over a few donations. Quests, NPCs and more complex or active monsters can be made in this way, adding more scenes or having them progress to the next level with subsequent additions. Examples of this include Fang/Alpha Fang (resulting from numerous donations from multiple individuals), Joanna (a planned, long-term project), Alexandra (progressed from basic monster, to complex monster, to NPC, to complex NPC), the Wereraptor creature/curse/quest, Leonard (simple NPC to complex NPC, to quest, to major quest)... The list goes on on and on. As well, there are some projects that have been left incomplete or become stagnant. If you'd like to see them continued, you can also donate towards those and help everyone see what they were building up to.

The Writer for Hire program's been a great success, helping to support and expand the game in so many ways. Dozens of NPCs and monsters are well as quests, events, areas, feats and even kinky new abilities and more have all come from fans like you donating to keep it going. So much of the game's been created or expanded upon through your help. We hope you'll continue to support us and this strange, kinky project that isn't quite so little any more. :)

Writer Overview - Stripes

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:35 pm
by TigerStripes
Author: Stripes
Position: Lead Writer and Code Tiger

Availability: available

While there's far too many to list in full, here's some highlights. There's also been lost of improvement and additions made to the creations of others in my repertoire. There are few things in the game that I haven't worked on or touched up, especially among the classic content. Those shown in blue are among the commissioned stuff.
- NPCs: Leonard, Larissa, Grant, Andrew, Dr. Moffatt, Frank, Athanasia, Sam, Icarus, Candy, Sven, Alexandra, Fang, Joanna, Zigor, Hayato, Vanessa and lots of others either in full or in part.
- Quests: Hospital Quest, Main Storyline 2, Bouncy Castle, revamp & expand Christy, Slut Rats, Wereraptor, expanding Medea...
- Pets: Rachel the Mouse Girl, Artemis the Rubber Tigress, Hobo the Helper Dog, Liliana the Equinoid Warrior...
- Infections: Flaming Lynx, Anime Babe, Beaver, Bottlenose Toy, Hydra Beast, Tigress Hooker, Chocolate Lab, Vixen Nurse and many, many more.
- Core Mechanics: Alt Combat, Alt Vore, Alt UB, MPreg, numerous feats, fixed smelling, sex option menu, equipment bonuses, anal and WS levels, cheat/settings menu...

- Anything goes - M, F, H or N, though having at least one cock involved certainly opens more options.

Likes in Writing:
- Furry content, but has done plenty of non-furries too
- NPCs with personality and/or a story
- Kinky new mechanics or fetishes for creatures/NPCs
- Boytoys, twinks, slutification, ovi, ub, tf and sex.
- Fun and/or kinky endings
- Felines. Duh. :)

Dislikes in Writing:
- Permanent infections - Too many conflicts w/game content
- Rigid requests - More wiggle room leads to better writing and fun surprises
- While most fetishes is possible, I'm not as familiar with some of the more extreme ones, but I will try my best. Just ask and we'll talk about it.

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:18 am
by Wahn
Author: Wahn

Availability: available

- NPCs: Adam, Aelias, Alexander, Amy, Andre, Carl, Corbin, Elaine, Elijah, Eric, Felix, Helen, Jennifer, Mike, Orwell, Septus, Sonya, Thomas, Tiny Tim, Xerxes, Zephias
- Quests: Human Dogs, Missing Cow, Saving/bringing in David, Demon Brute Catching, Cleansing Brutus, David+Brutus Relationship, Saving Eric, Thomas Revenge, Felix Stalker
- Pets: Ares (temporary pet, for now), Brutus
- Infections: Catgirl, Elven Hunter, Furling, Helot, Hulking Cheerleader, Mannequin, Naiad, Orc, Sand Man, Spartan, Spidertaur, Stag, Thought Eater, Viking, Wolfman, Wolftaur Victory Sex, Zebra Overhaul
- Locations: Farm, Power Plant Rewriting, Zoo Rewriting
- Core Mechanics: NPC Debug Mode


- Anything goes - M, F, H or N, though I've got less experience with F/F.

Likes in Writing:
- Equines, Mythological Creatures, Humans, Canines, Felines
- NPCs with player-influenced diverging paths
- Impregnation/Breeding, Cuntboys, Twinks, Light (!) Dominance/Submission, Fitness
- Turning some things around into strange situations (Human Dog <-> Stag Owner, Furling <-> Hulking Cheerleaders)

Dislikes in Writing:
- Some of the more extreme Fetishes, like WS, Violence and Hard Bondage

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 2:36 am
by TigerStripes
teddy_b wrote:Still available? :)

I'm still available for WfH requests. Wahn's not currently available, as he's still doing catch-up after his downtime due to injury, but he should be available again at some point.

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:47 pm
by Shoggoth on the Roof
It means that Wahn has quite a backlog of projects right now, so he's not available until after they're completed. This will be at some nonspecific point in the future.

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:44 am
by TigerStripes
freshmelon wrote:Nonspecific? Who could answer this question?

Wahn is recovering from a hand injury and while he's back to working on FS stuff, his pace is slowed. He's also got his job and other rl obligations to consider. Any attempt to give a date would be pure guesswork.

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:36 pm
by Wahn
Currently, I'm at physical therapy 3x a week. Between that and a stressful job, my writing time is mostly only on weekends. I have been slowly starting to work through the existing projects in the queue. The really big (40h) Brutus and David project should be finished tonight, then I'll move on to orc fun and Nermine.

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:49 am
by Wahn
Well, Flexible Survival is always open for new writers. So if you do want to add on to the fun stuff, let us know what you'd be interested in. There are various parts that could use expansions, an extra scene here or there, etc. I'd recommend doing that first, before throwing yourself into any large project of your own design. Start slow, get to know the writing and tiny amount of coding needed. All you really need is the ability to form intelligible sentences and/or being able to use a spellchecker.

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:33 pm
by TigerStripes
Working on improvements and small additions to the existing material is the best way for new people to start out. And this is especially true now as we're still operating under a code size limitation. The space we have available and what space I can free up is best used to fulfill our commission requests and Patreon obligations first and foremost. As well, with the workload I am currently under, I am sorry to say that I am not in a position to handhold or do more than basic insertion, adjustment and troubleshooting to new content. I would not be able to handle the coding or doing full coding revisions/repairs if you tried to create anything ambitious or complex. We can certainly help with questions and give you ideas on how to solve coding problems you may encounter though. I certainly don't want to sound unhelpful or unfair, but I do need to be honest in this regard.

Re: Writer for Hire

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:56 am
by Wahn