Onmyoji Arena has a similar gameplay to many other MOBA game

Onmyoji Arena has a similar gameplay to many other MOBA game

Postby robertddelancey » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:42 pm

Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA that originates from JRPG NetEase Games homepage and offers battles in 5v5 mode and battles in 3v3v3 mode. This game is set in Kyoto in the Heian era and eliminates the amulet system that allows players to make their own combinations with Onmyoji skills for free and provides a larger Shikigami device with 4 abilities and 2 spells, allowing more combinations of skills and tactics. It is possible to customize heroes who are characterized by various abilities that you can combine to play with your favorite style.

For those of you fans of RPG genre games, Onmyoji, of course you need to try this one game. This Game NetEase will bring characters from the Onmyoji world into the MOBA system, through the Onmyoji Arena. You could say NetEase tried to compete with the famous game made by Tencent, namely Honor of King or better known as AOV in Indonesia, through this game. In the game, the game has a system and gameplay that is very similar to other mainstream analog MOBA games. But there are some differences that this game has, one of which is, the width of the battle map will be bigger than the other MOBA games, and the maximum level of each of your characters is 18. Besides that there will be 4 skills that you can use. Still troubled by lack of Onmyoji Arena Jade, come and buy cheap Top Up Onmyoji Arena from Mmocs.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store.

Onmyoji Arena has gameplay that is similar to many other MOBA games on the market but still has many unique features. This is a driving force for Vietnamese gamers to find super MOBA products supported by Mr. NetEase Games. Without players having to wait longer, the Onmyoji Arena executive board decided to add Vietnamese to facilitate the experience of our gamers. At present, language changes can be made in the game settings section.
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