"Internal" And "Knotted" Definitions

"Internal" And "Knotted" Definitions

Postby Blue Bishop » Fri May 08, 2015 11:34 am

I just recently made a merge push which contains the "Internal" and "Knotted" definition.

The former checks to see if the player has internal genitalia, while the latter checks to see if the player has a knotted cock.

The main reason for this implementation is to cut down on text -- the usual if statements were way too large and unwieldy. For example: "if player is internal" Versus "if cockname of player is listed in infections of internallist".

Using either is fine for knotted cocks, but all instances of internal genital references Must be updated, since there now exists a way to bypass internal genitalia infections and thus the definition is more accurate.
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