Plan List for Doran

Plan List for Doran

Postby Blue Bishop » Thu May 07, 2015 3:32 am

After completing the last major mechanic to Doran, I felt it was appropriate to lay out exactly what’s left for the dragon.

The following is an abridged list of mechanics and their priorities, along with a priority indication to give a general sense of when it's planned to be worked on. After that is an in-depth breakdown of those mechanics and what’s planned for them.


  1. Dragonpalooza Finishing [Next]
  2. Doran Vore Extension [Very High]
  3. Special Request [Very High]
  4. SUPER SWITCH MODE [Very High]
  5. Roleplay Content [High]
  6. Discussion [Medium]
  7. Additional Doran-Submissive mechanics [Medium-Low]
  8. Body Modification [Low]
  9. Phase 2 [Very Low]


What decides the priority listing is a comparison of work input to content output. Easier projects or projects which “Complete” certain existing mechanics are higher in priority than harder or longer-term mechanics due to the fact that they can be released sooner.

I’ll explain each element in detail.

Dragonpalooza Finishing:

This mostly entails fixing up the body modification system to allow listed items, and to implement the internal/external anatomy scene and a reversal scene. It’s bundled together with a lot of miscellaneous housekeeping and tweaks to the game, in addition to adding what I didn’t finish for Dragonpalooza.

Overall, the goal is to finish this before the month’s over.

Vore Extension:

It was something of a toss-up between this and Roleplay. When choosing between “Completing” one mechanic in the same amount of effort to add a single scene to a system designed explicitly to never be complete, I chose the former.

The additions here entail an additional session extension for players who want it, as well as a set of anal vore “openers”. I’ll likely be doing a polish pass of the existing content while I’m here.

Special Request:

Special request is a secret, hidden request dialogue which allows players to micro-manage certain variables with Doran. With all the new content (And the vore content from above), there’s enough of a reason to finally make this thing. It’s also pretty easy to implement, since it’s all UI and number tweaks.


SSM (Yes it, must always be in all caps) is a case of something not providing a lot of content for players, but it’s so easy to make I figure I might as well. SSM would be a system that allows players to change Doran’s exact demeanour instantly, rather than requesting a position and waiting for it to trend in that direction. It’s likely going to be a reward for players that see all sides of the dragon.

Roleplay Content:

The base idea behind Roleplay is that it’s infinitely expandable. What you might not realize is that existing sessions can have “Sub-sessions” should there be a high demand for a certain session to be explored in greater detail.

However, the plan right now is not to implement that, but rather to populate the current topics with a more robust selection of sessions. I’ll give you a breakdown of the four major topics planned.

  • The Feral Beast: The earliest topic raised, I have something of two sessions planned for here, at this moment.
  • Dragons and Other Fantasy Fare: The only other topic currently available, I have 2-3 sessions planned here.
  • The Present Situation [NNF]: These scenes explore various ‘what-if’ scenarios regarding the game’s proper setting. I have no scenes immediately planned for this topic, but if there ever was going to be a “Bound State” Doran scene, it’d be in here.
  • Miscellaneous: Basically a place for any off-the-wall or completely irrelevant sessions. Like above, I have nothing planned here at this moment. Still, nice to be aware of.

It’s entirely possible I might sneak in at least one of these in the next major update. Who knows!

I’ll have to create a brand new priority breakdown after I focus on this, since “Finishing” it only means it goes further down on the priority list.


Hoo boy. I’ll just leave it at this: I had to find a solution to the whole “Engaging in a conversation with NPCs in games” conundrum before I could really begin tackling this. And, I mean, across the gaming medium as a whole, not just for this particular instance, so this wasn’t something I was going to figure out overnight.

I found the solution -- or, at least, a/my solution -- but it ain’t gonna be cheap to make, that’s for sure!

Body Modification:

This sort of stuff is very expensive to produce. I basically have to run through each existing scene and adjust them to accommodate particularly invasive body mods, in addition to making special scenes for them.

Anyways, pretty much all major body mods are in. I have no plans to give Doran female genitalia, pre-Phase 2, so the only thing I can think of adding is something to raise/lower his body size. The system would make Doran’s anatomy requirements shrink while making him less able to perform vore, as well as causing the opposite. As you can imagine, this sort of change would be very involved.

There’s also the concept of micro-adjusting very minor attributes about the dragon, but that also feels like something for Phase 2.

Additional Doran-Submissive Mechanics:

I reserve the right to raise or lower the priority for this on a whim, as it’s in a bit of a state of flux right now.

With Doran having vore content in dominant demeanour, he feels a little anemic on his submissive side, so there’s a desire to add some more robust mechanics for it. Thing is, Player-dominant scenes are much, much more expensive to produce than submissive, given the abundance of options the player has at their disposal.

Still, It’s something I’m mindful of. As things develop, I’ll have more to say about this.

Phase 2:

‘Phase 2’ is basically a victory lap. Doran is ‘Complete’, and now any additional content is just nice little flourishes here and there.

Certain, unspoken rules about Doran can be bent or even broken during this phase, and focus can be set on much more niche/trivial mechanics.


Post-finishing, my aim is to work on the first three in the 'very high' category. I think I may be able to squeeze all that in with the current compiler issue.

After that, the focus is entirely on Roleplay for a while, assuming the problem is resolved.
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