Pending Extension Migrations

Pending Extension Migrations

Postby Blue Bishop » Wed May 06, 2015 12:05 am

Flexible Survival has been receiving and constant flow of content for years now. As a result, the extension list has become something of a bloated, disorganized mess, so the following is a planned reorganization of some existing extensions into something a little more conducive.


Firstly, a number of extensions relating to game mechanics will be merged into a single Core Mechanics extension author, for easy reference.

Secondly, authors which have only produced one/two extensions and have not produced any content for a very long time will be merged into a Guest Writer Extension author. Additionally, extensions which have been worked on to the point where little -- if any -- of the original writer's work remains will be transferred to the writer who worked on them.

If you have only one or two extensions but have produced content in the past several months, don't worry, your folder will remain as it is, so there should be no instances of confusion as to where your stuff has gone. If you're returning from a long hiatus, there should be no problem moving your extensions back into your author folder.

Listed Movements:

To Core Mechanics:
  • Gender Pronouns [From inside Wyvern]
  • Bound State universals [From Various]
  • Giving In [From Hellerhound]
  • Pets [From Nuku]
  • Story Skipper [From Nuku]
  • Feats [From Nuku]
  • Fucking [From Nuku]
  • Alt Combat [From Stripes]
  • Alt Vore [From Stripes]
  • Inventory Management Enhancements [From Mirumu]
  • Needy Heat [From Telanda Softpaw]
  • Presets [From Default Settings]
  • Setting Menus [From Stripes]
  • BFandI [From Stripes]
  • Smell [From Hellerhound]
  • FS Graphics [From Nuku]

To Guest Writer:
  • Brookstone Books [From Anon E Mouse]
  • Smith Haven Mall [From Anon E Mouse]
  • Herm Hyena [From Anony Mouse]
  • Messy Pig [From Anonymous]
  • Anthro Shaft Beast [From Dragonflayer]
  • Feral Shaft Beast [From Dragonflayer]
  • Pitbull [From Ilovecock]
  • Random Tentacle Horror [From Kazard]
  • Painted Wolf Herm [From Kyvi Stormbreaker]
  • Male Peacock [From Lago Maro]
  • Rabbit Pack [From Lago Maro]
  • Junkyard and Warehouse [From Rimme]
  • Feline Gymnast [From Somefur]
  • Mothgirl [From Soren]
  • Approaching the Capitol Building [From Sweraptor]
  • Church of the Maternal Beast [From Talanda Softpaw]
  • Random German Shepard [From Talanda Softpaw]
  • Hermaphrodite Latex Vixen [From Tentabear]
  • Spider Girl [From Tentacle Specialist]
  • Cute Chinchilla Girl [From Trav]
  • Wrestling Wolf [From Volcblaze]
  • Random Shemale Smooth Collie [From Voldine]
  • Butterfly [From Mirumu]
  • Parasitic Plant [From Xeylef]
  • High Rise District [From Batroo]
  • Kangaroo [From Batroo]

To Blue Bishop:
  • Feral Sea Dragon [From Tunalord Sefont]
  • Feral Sea Dragoness [From Tunalord Sefont]
  • Yamato Dragon [From Kohryu]
  • Yamato Dragoness [From Kohryu]

To Stripes:
  • Feral Wolf [From Shadowwolf94]
  • Hadiya [From Kaxin]
  • Latex Wolf [From Hellerhound]
  • Medical Checkups [From Hellerhound]
  • Alex [From Nuku]
  • Orthas [From Nuku]
  • Stuck Dragon [From Hiccup]
  • Hungry Boar Man [From Hiccup]
  • Brian [From Sarokcat]
  • Hyena Hideout [From Sarokcat]
  • Hyena Matriarch [From Sarokcat]

To Various:
  • Demon Brute [From Leo X TO Wahn]
  • Sarah [From SarokcatHellerhound TO Sarokcat]


As of this posting, NONE of these changes are final, and are likely subject to change through various feedback. Stripes has worked extensively on a number of these extensions and may want to move some to his folder instead.

In all cases, the original author will have their name written inside the extensions before they are moved.
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Re: Pending Extension Migrations

Postby Songbird » Wed May 06, 2015 3:27 pm

Huzzah! This is excellent news.
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Re: Pending Extension Migrations

Postby Blue Bishop » Fri May 08, 2015 9:49 am

The update has been sent and is awaiting a merge, following the other updates earlier in the day.

My apologies if this seems a little sudden. In the future, a deadline will be presented for this sort of thing.
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