Minor fix for Christy UB

Minor fix for Christy UB

Postby Foreman » Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:53 pm


While playing this game, I found it rather jarring that after the first UB scene with Christy (not counting the accidental one), there is no description of the UB during subsequent UB scenes. That is, if you are looking for more dragonloving, then after the sex scene you instantly wake up in an egg, with no description in between. Luckily Inform is quite easy to get into, so I had a look at the code:

https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Surviv ... Dragon.i7x

it seems that there is a feet-first UB scene written (line 627 - 629) with 50% probability to occur. However, this requires the HP of Christy to be 8, which means the christyuhoh event (line 644 - 748, specifically line 696) has to be resolved. Regardless of the fact that this event could become unaccessable depending on earlier choices, I wonder if this requirement itself is necessary? At HP of 7 Christy already has UB'd you once, meaning the scene makes perfect sense regardless of whether christyuhoh has occured or not.

Proposed change:
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627    if hp of Christy is 8 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:

Code: Select all
627    if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:

In addition, an "otherwise: <head first UB scence>", for the other 50% probability, could largely be copy/pasted from the UB scene at HP = 6. This would flesh out the UB scenes with Christy a bit more, especially for the people who did not violate her while she was stuck ("now who would do that? :lol: ")
I myself am not very familiar with GitHub so not really sure how to go about editing this myself or if I even have the right to do that, so I figured I'd post my suggestion here :)

Thanks for your time!
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Re: Minor fix for Christy UB

Postby TigerStripes » Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:55 pm

Foreman wrote:<Christy UB issues>

I'm not sure how it occurred, but there was actually supposed to be two standard variations to the UB w/Christy. The head-first one had been there for a while, but it seems it was lost when the feet-first version was added. The feet-first version only becomes accessible after a dragoness-fucking player gets caught and punished. I'll restore the head-first one and it should be working fine. Thanks for spotting that.
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