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New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:05 pm
by NocturneWolf
As per the suggestion on the new writer check-in, I just wanted to open up a thread for myself and introduce myself to you developers and players out there~ Nothing too special about me as a person really, just a Califur who codes for a living and enjoys his share of hobbyist writing and roleplay on the side. As such, I was pretty smitten by the opportunity to contribute to the game, considering how much I've grown to enjoy it, and I just hope I don't disappoint!

There were a few content areas in the game I did think about expanding within my contributions a bit more upon taking up the writing role, as well as a few other kinks/interests of mine I was curious to integrate and share with you all. That being said, I'd very much be glad to get some guidance for other areas that might need a boost (I think the farm-ish scenarios were identified back in my initial new writer post), as well as be warded off from adding some content to the game that might not be particularly accessible.

For the sake of discussion (and for thwarting my own notoriously-bad memory), here's the sorts of content/ideas I've got in mind as things to try scripting out:

> Exploring vore/unbirth content within the game: Not gonna lie, vore's a favorite kink of mine, and it's always been on my mind to expand upon what is in the game with my own contributions. Areas that I can imagine working on include expanding the types of vore out there, making more use of the bound-states and succumb endings with the non-oral vores, as well as exploring the digestion/absorption elements a bit more beyond implied death. With CV for instance, transformation into a cum-creature of some sort was a thought I had, or even ending up absorbed by the predator's body in a more sentient way before reforming somehow. Speaking of that...
> Experimenting with CTF/merging/object TF: This was another element of transformation I thought would be cool to add, but wasn't sure if it worked well with the game's cannon universe. It'd certainly be a bit more extreme than the other TFs in the game, and as such I'd be inclined to gate it off or make it only accessible via "Touched by Madness", something like that. I also imagine it wouldn't be a player's actual form due to how restricting it would be, probably more restricted to a single encounter with an enemy or NPC. Of course, I'm very much open to some second opinions on this one to see how I should go about this, if at all!
> More fun with hyper: Beyond my stranger interests out there, hyper play of most sorts has become another lasting interest of mine, and a lot of my favorite content in the game revolves around it. I'd very much be glad to add more hyper-endowed fellows into the fun and maybe even take it to the more lewd/exaggerated levels the kink has to offer, such as stretching, all-the-way-through and the like.
> Ownership/objectification-related things: Again, some of my favorite content in the game revolves around this, and I'd love to add another possessive face or two to the mix~ Perhaps even worked in with some of the stuff I brought up earlier.

Beyond that, I also have quite a few more general interests like size differences, anthros as well as more monstrous things like aliens, insects and such, and feral TF, among other things, so I'd be plenty glad to focus my efforts there as well.

Like I said, definitely let me know how you guys feel about those particular ideas for now, and if there are suggestions for areas of development in the game that I might fit well into. ;3 Thanks again for having me guys, hopefully I'll have something to show off to you all soon enough~

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:06 pm
by Wahn
Welcome aboard. :)

A suggestion for you:
Since you`re interested in vore/unbirthing/cum transformation, how about this:
Anthony on the farm asks the player for some help woth their breeding bull - who grew so big that they can`t let him mount a cow anymore, so someone needs to milk a bucket of cum out of him to impregnate the herd. The bull would be of a pretty nice and sweet disposition, but so far no one has dared rubbing his crotch in fear of... well, all kinds of things that might happen. The player can approach the colossal animal and just jerk his enormous manhood to gather some cum, or (if "touched by madness") start to slide into the bull`s cockslit and be vockvored in short prder. There, either get off together with the bull and be blasted out on the grass, or stay a while to become a cum person.

This project would involve writing the cum person infection and sex scenes with the bull.

That`s just what I could think up first when hearing cock vore and farm. There are lots of other ideas I could present (though its time-consuming to type em out on a mobile screen right now...)

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:43 am
by NocturneWolf
Oh? I can imagine working with something like that certainly hehe, working on pleasing the bull only for a bit of an "accident" to happen. The cum-person TF would be pretty fun to work with too, I can imagine a handful of other ways to have fun with the new form, as it were. Do let me know if you have other ideas on that note, I'm always glad to have more ammo to brainstorm, so to speak!

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:52 am
by Wahn
I do have a scene where the orcs in their lair transform one of the cum girls they captured into a cum orc. Might be interesting to explore additional content for that creature... the player might find it imprisoned in a barrel and set it free, to become acompanion or menace. I mean... what could go wrong when you free a barrel full of animated, addictive orc cum? ;)

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:02 am
by Wahn
As for melding with inanimate objects, my first idea would be to let a bronze astronaut or something like that walk around. The result of a person melding with a statue. Or... maybe a horse+rider animated statue on the campus... resulting from a guy climbing on a horse statue and then melding... that would certainly be a different take on the classic centaur - with him or maybe even _her_ (a woman would mean more strangeness for this person - but maybe she`s starting to like it ;) )being in control of the whole combined body and `feeling' what fun can be had with the male horse statue`s privates...

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:18 pm
by NocturneWolf
Ooh... the orc idea is promising. ;3 I can imagine a few ways that could go, a battle perhaps, or something akin to the latex husky scene. I might have to see what I can come up with regarding those. As for the merging... I admittedly had a few more... well, lewd variants I happen to enjoy, but I actually think the idea of the stone centaur is another pretty cool one. I imagine it wouldn't take them long to grow to enjoy the feeling of having a bit "extra" down below, and it'd certainly be fun to explore as an enemy or an NPC encounter~ Speaking of which... do you think it's more straightforward to implement enemies for the game, or NPC encounters? I imagined the latter might be a bit easier, but working in some beasts to combat would also be pretty darn fun. For that matter, do you think the game needs more in the way of NPCs or enemies at this time, or is there no real pressure either way?

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:29 pm
by Wahn
^^ The game can use more of everything pretty much - though I do prefer well-made NPCs with some storyline I have to admit.

For the cum orc - how about making it a split path creature? The player might fight it, or willingly free it and satisfy its need for more sexual fluids and gain a new and strange follower/pet. Taking it along to the bunker could yield interesting possibilities of interaction with Chris the orc there...

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:27 pm
by TigerStripes
NocturneWolf wrote:<intro and ideas>

I just have a few quick points to mention about your ideas, mostly to help you stay on track and maybe prompt a few other ideas to form.

Stranger transformations:
- Do be advised that you want to keep player forms fairly humanoid to avoid logical disconnects with the majority of the scenes already in the game. Tauric forms are possible as are more feral ones. With the latter, some leeway is best allowed to let the player rise onto two legs so things continue to make sense.-
- While the addition of non-active/vestigial/non-functional/uncontrolled limbs/tentacles can be done, players should generally stick to the basic 2 arms and 2 legs (or 4 legs for taurs). The Spider forms come with a collection of legs, showing an acceptable exception to this rule. Some snake-like forms also have no legs at all, though there's bound to be some scenes that conflict with this. Tentacle limbs are also an option for replacing the usual arms and/or legs with a little fudging and descriptive writing of the TF/appearance data.
- Also, it's best there also be some kind of hand/paw/talons or the like for manipulation of objects and lovers.
- Generally, there should only be one head, though some exceptions with careful writing/coding can and have been done.
- Their head should have two eyes in most cases and definitely shouldn't have none at all. They also need a mouth, nose, ears, etc - or at least some similar equivalents.
- Their body needs some form of torso section. They can't be a collection of bodiless limbs. We'll need a place for chest/breasts/cock/cunt/ass and all that fun stuff the scenes expect all the time.
- Semi-liquid forms are at the edge of what's possible for the nanites and it's best that the player be kinda solid, though there's a fair amount of fudge factor there.
- Fair warning, with more extreme player forms, don't expect other content to take them into account the more you deviate from the expected norms. You can certainly do so for your own stuff, but realistically don't expect others to think to script scenes around it. It does happen on rare occasions, but that's not the general case.

In part, this is a matter of letting the scenes being written maintain a certain level of detail. If writers must always worry that their scenes won't make sense with some player forms, they may feel a need to make their scenes less detailed to avoid conflicts. As it stands, such fudging already occurs for the possibility of mouth/muzzle/beak/maw/etc, hair/no-hair, eye colour, ear form and lots more features just for the variety of head forms. These are generally not noticed as the scenes refer to them in only the most general terms (mouth/eye/ear/etc), if at all.

That being said, these restrictions don't need to be worried about for the creatures. They can be fuller versions of more bizarre and non-human transformations. If you want to push for more extreme transformation, I'd advise have it be staged such that the player remains humanoid during the game itself, but it corrupted fully to the monstrous form if they succumb, giving you a graphic ending with transformation and then exploring what this means for the altered and now monstrous player-creature. The Flesh Blob provides and example of this.

Several of the above issues also apply when thinking about merging and merged forms. There's a few points to consider:
- If the merging results in a second head/mind/speaking mouth/whatever, about the only scenes that will ever take that into account will be those you specifically write for it.
- There's already one merging possibility in the game, the Lusty Skunk merge. This, until fairly recently, was completely isolated and didn't play into any part of other material. I united endings for it with those of the other skunk content in the game and later expanding even more with the Skunkbeast Lord, but otherwise that second head at the player's waist does nothing. Also, depending on the merging scene you've got in mind, it might be best to either make the merges mutually exclusive (can only be merged with any one) or somehow otherwise ensure that multiple can't be active at once. While it would be interesting to see, the work it'd take for Skunk ending revision alone would make it hugely more work. I'd suggest reviewing the Lusty Skunk material (see Nuku's folder) for some ideas.
- If the event is gated or the merging is somehow otherwise voluntary for the player, then Touched by Madness need not be a requirement.

Touched by Madness:
- Generally speaking, making stuff require TbM is more restrictive than is necessary, especially for event-type content. Blue Bishop can better explain the principles of TbM, but it generally goes that some odd field/aura around the player confuses creatures/monsters to act in a manner that deviates somewhat from their norm, but in a way that's just little off-kilter.

- This would probably work best as a one-time thing with a specific source, probably through an event or NPC specifically made for it. I guess a special monster could also be used, but that creature would work best as one prompted by a gated event.
- While I can see this in the game and it's something we've not really gotten to explore yet, depending on the degree of CTF, some of the above points on merging might apply.
- If you go with the monster, it could be a CTF or be CTF situation with player loss resulting from being the one CTF'd.

If you're interested in doing scenes that play on hyper aspects, keep in mind such values as 'scalevalue of player', 'cunt length of player', 'cock length of player' and so on. Also, for the player receiving anal from a hyper, checking on whether the player has "Twisted Capacity" or not and on their scalevalue can provide a means to interpret how a player might react to the massive intrusion. It is by no means necessary, but it does allow for greater response to the player's form and status.

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:46 am
by NocturneWolf
Egh, sorry about the big delay responding to this, work got the better of me these last several days.

Still, thanks for all of the advice Stripes, that actually clarified a lot of the concerns and worries I had while diving into this. I had a feeling that incredibly outlandish body shapes simply wouldn't work with most of the content already established, given they establish that certain anatomy is present. What I didn't know what to what extent this would apply, so thanks for laying that out for me in stone. I also did think of utilizing that technique of implementing a partial transformation while the player is active, and exploring the full transformation into some of the more bizarre creatures as an ending of some sort. I'll definitely think about giving that a go while I work along.

As for merging, CTF and the like...
I did indeed notice the Lusty skunk merge in the game, and I was basing my initial assumptions off what would be alright for a merging-centered player form off of that actually. However,I was fairly lucid that these would all be things I'd probably have to add or explore on my own without any support from others, so for the most part I was thinking of implementing things linked to merging/CTF, inanimate TF and the like only as gated event content or as specific losses/endings (say, a bound-state ending for example). Still, it's good to know that TbM isn't honestly required beyond a few specific circumstances, I'll keep that in mind as to not to not make my content too restrictive and keep with the theme of TbM.

Lastly, thanks for the heads-up involving hyper, that kind of immersion and response to form was one of the things that did quite impress me about the game, so getting to maintain that in my own content would be pretty cool. I might actually have to take a look at Twisted Capacity myself for a bit, I've actually forgotten to look into that particular one hehe.

**I guess as one final question... the bound state mechanic is probably one of my favorite elements of the game, so I admit I've been pretty keen on giving it a shot. That being said, I was wondering if those had a tendency to be difficult to jump into as a first-time project, or if there were at least some quirks I should probably keep an eye out for. I figured I'd ask for a little advice going into things before ending up completely out of my element hehe.

Re: New writer's contributions, stay tuned~

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:56 am
by Wahn
One thing to keep in mind regarding all the requirements and restrictions for keeping infections valid is that you don`t actually have to make your critter infectious. You could explore pretty outlandish stuff if you keep it on an npc/pet/event level.

Kinda hoping you might still want to take the cum orc up and have some fun with him. He`d be an interesting companion/pet to have I bet.