Fanpost Friday: Extension Fever

Fanpost Friday: Extension Fever

Postby Jonathan » Tue May 07, 2019 12:16 am

Hello, and welcome to another year of Fanpost Fridays, I guess.What is Fanpost Friday It pretty simple. On Friday mornings Matt Joyce Jersey, a writing prompt of sorts will be posted. No comments will be allowed on the post, because the point of Fanpost Friday is to make Fanposts in response to said prompt. How do you make a Fanpost It easy just click the Post your own link in the Fanposts sidebar, as shown below Again, to be very clear Fanpost Fridays posts will have comments disabled. The point is for folks to make Fanposts, not comments. Anyway, here this week promptExciting times are afoot in Braves Country, and really, for fans of many major league teams, who have been extending young stars at a breakneck over the last few months. Ronald Acua Jr. and Ozzie Albies are the two newest members of the Recently Extended Club; which Brave do you think will be the next to join them What will be the terms of the deal Keep in mind that with two well-below market extensions already signed, a ormal extension of the sort we would have expected before April 2019 may not be in the cards.
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