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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby Andreus » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:49 pm

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I filled in the preference questionaire.
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby Wahn » Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:38 am

copiusamountsofhate wrote:Edit: I filled out the preferences questionnaire.

Thank you, that helps quite a bit - as porn writers, we're more or less in an information vacuum since almost no one wants to chat about things.

Great to hear that you want to fix up the Tanuki quest with coding and content improvements - most people just want to do their own stuff (not that that's bad or anything), but we also have quite a lot good old creatures who just could need an update. I'm looking forward to seeing your work.
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby Lone Wanderer » Tue Aug 12, 2014 4:44 am

Hello Flexible Survival team,

I have been someone who watched and enjoyed silently the content you pushed out for like a year now. Since you now offered to expand your team I just thought "Why not?" and want to use this opportunity to expand on things that I feel the game lacks. I just feel like there could be way more done in the environment you built up other than the fooling around which the game mostly consists of at the moment (Not that it's a bad thing!).

I have some experience with Inform after tinkering around with it a little but I still have to learn it more thoroughly.

"So ... dear Lone Wanderer, what are your likes and what would you like to add?" you might ask now. Good question. Let me just give you a taste of what I like before we move on:

My unholy fetish list:
- Anything that is a reptile or bird
- Anything that is gay as well
- Muscular guys
- Small dominant guys
- Total defeat/Submission to monsters
- Bestiality
- Little insects doing stuff with the body
- Same with fungus
- Also plants and tentacles
- Goo creatures
- Body modifications (outside of transformation)
- Enemas or forcing other objects into the butt
- Vore

Stuff that I will tolerate:
- Cuntboys
- Females (Only if they aren't mindless bitches)
- Genderbending (Female to Male)

The stuff that I don't like:
- Anything involving giant breasts
- Genderbending (Male to Female)
- Herms
- Foot fetishes

This list isn't really complete but I think that should be enough to give you an overview of what I like.

Now that you got to know the sick person that is behind the name better, you see that my fetishes are very niche. I wanted to mention that I enjoy story arcs which have a more serious tone to them, namely Dan and Greg in this game. There hasn't really been anything else that was as satisfying to read. Only the death of Icarus is the only other thing that reminds you of how fucked up the world actually is.

So, my goal would be to create a couple of monsters first which make you want to avoid losing to them because of the loss scenes but I guess that is theme for another topic.

I hope to be working with you guys soon!
Lone Wanderer
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby Wahn » Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:02 am

^^ Welcome aboard then and thanks for filling out the questionnaire. If you have any specific ideas or questions, please open up a new thread for yourself in the dev section.

If you want to make an Npc with some depth, how about settling them in the mall? It is one of the 'safe spots' in the game, meaning that people would flock to it, and a mall really should be big...
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby critic » Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:55 am

Hello Everyone

I'm Critic. Ever since I've discovered Flexible Survival and the Inform 7 engine, I have had many enjoyable hours immersed in the world and trying to create a game of my own. However several of these projects fell by the wayside since I'm not familiar with the language and tried to do too much too fast. Since you are looking for additional writers, I would like to take this chance to add to the world of Flexible Survival and learn Inform at the same time. Currently I believe on adding some additional scenes to several locations to lessen the constant and boring wandering for three hours then heading back to a location. Also maybe adding some additional monsters to fight as well. My fetishes and likes are as follows.

- Gay
- Bondage
- Tentacles
- Humiliation
- Plants
- Machines
- Tickling
- Hypnosis/Mind Control
- Muscles
- Slavery/BSDM
- Rubber/Latex
- Leather
- Encasement/ Bound States

Thank you again for the opportunity.
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby Wahn » Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:51 am

^^ Welcome. Please do make your own thread to present your ideas or any questions. We can then let you know about any overlaps with existing/planned content or other difficulties...
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby Medicius » Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:44 pm

Hello. I'm Medicius. Is this offer still open? My Internet decided to cut me short of contact in the last days so...

I don't have any preferences nor particular interest in creating my own things into this, as absurd as that may sound. I'm more interested in helping work more details into what is already in the game. There are bits that could use polish, things that could be elaborated on and unless I missed something a few critters lack their own ending.

EDIT: Filling the Questionaire

What I like
All species are good, I don't have any preferences
Almost all kinds of NPC personalities are fine, but I would prefer not to work with cumsluts (pardon for those of you who find that word offensive.) I'm sure we can find someone eager to volunteer for such perspectives.
Transformations are fun
Details in a scene are a big thing for me
Detailed characters who are more than a name and a sex scene.

What I'm neutral about
Anything not covered by the two other parts. I'm very flexible.

What I don't like
Short scenes with little to no details
Mind Breaking
Not having a choice - no matter what I do the result is the same. No thank you. I want to choose what I'm doing.
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby redscale » Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:58 pm

I am pretty dang interested in this kind of thing. I don't know much programming, but I'm willing to learn if given the right tools, and I've done a lot of roleplaying and writing over the past 8 years or so. I will admit I'd be somewhat at a loss of where to start in regards to creating content for this game, or even where to start learning about it, but I've been curious about at least trying to add something.

As far as programming, this would be my first real experience with it, outside of very brief forays into the field. I'm much more confident in my writing ability, however, and I do have a few ideas for NPCs, enemies, and I'd be happy to help finishing up a few things that have been left stagnating for a while. My biggest problems would be my lack of programming experience, and an otherwise draining schedule outside of writing for the game that leaves me with little in the way of free time.

Still, I've been a long-time fan, so... after a little bit of deliberation, I've figured I might at least try. If it's a good fit, awesome. If not... well, at least I tried, yeah? I'm interested to hear back, at any rate, so feel free to reply either here or in notes. In the meantime I'll have to outline a few thoughts and try to find some areas I feel I could contribute to, to show off. I might have a few solid ideas but that does no good if I don't give them polish and make sure I can show them off! I'll also see about finding whatever resources I can to try and teach myself.

Preferences Checklist
The gender of my player character is: Changes often
Feats my character often/always has: (Gender) Preferred, Submissive, Kinky,TBM
Does the character usually use Automatic Survival?: Yes

I prefer creature gender to be: No preference
When winning a fight, I like as its aftermath: Varies by mood
When losing a fight, I like as its aftermath: Varies by mood
The following creatures I like the most (why?): Yamato and Sea Dragons (I just adore dragons in general), generally any creature that acts rather dominant and possessive of the PC after they win a fight. Also I'm fond of most reptilian monsters, due to personal preference.
The following creatures I dislike the most (why?): Cock Cannon, (strange and kinda gross), Reindeer (Not a fan of the holiday theme), Demons/Elves/Humanoids (I prefer furry creatures over anything resembling humans too much.), anything hyper. (I just don't care for hyper, really.)
This creature or infection could use an update (multiple possible, say what you think needs work): Any creature with short or non-varied scenes. Would love to see every creature type with an ending.
I'd love to see as new creature: Anthro Dragons, other assorted anthro reptilians (especially at least one 'plain' reptilian, since a lot of the ones in game do feel kind of niche. Perhaps I'm forgetting one that is more plain?), a couple more ferals of some kind.

I always/often bring home/visit these NPCs: Doran, Icarus, Timothy, Denise, Nadia, Hadiya, the sewer gator girl (I think she's unnamed), Solstice, dragontaur!Sam, Fang and Dom!Onyx.
Threesomes and/or extra scenes between these bunker/library npcs would be awesome: Dom!Icarus and Denise/Nadia, Sam and others, Timothy and Denise, Dom!Onyx and others.
The following NPCs I like the most (why?): Timothy (Especially when PC is female, breeding is a kink I enjoy and his attempts to coerce the player into staying are fun), Denise (She's just cute), Dom!Onyx (I really enjoy that he claims you if you visit too much! I just wish that it let you have one last scene with him, instead of skipping straight to 'game over' after fucking him the last time.) And Doran, especially, because of just how much content he has.
The following NPCs I dislike the most (why?): So far I have none that come to mind. I generally like all the NPCs, but there are some that I wouldn't fuck, and generally those are the more pure-human ones.

An added note to this, I'm fairly open when it comes to what I will and won't write, sexually. I generally wish to stay away from outright humanoid types, with creatures like harpies being about as close as I'd want to get there. Generally, the more furry it is, the better. I'll write any kink, with very few exceptions. More or less, I'd be happy just working as a freelance writer with someone else handling putting it in the game, if there's any critters that need more filling out, but I'd also like to see about adding my own NPCs or critters one day. Anyways, I've gone on long enough, and I'm in desperate need of rest by now. I'll get to work on researching and outlining in the morning.
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby lordlava » Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:49 am

Hi i just wondering if you are still looking for help. I dont have much coding experience but i would like to learn and i woundnt mind helping if i can add some content of my own after running it by you of course (sorry in a rush internets not wanting to work
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Re: New Writer Checkin

Postby TigerStripes » Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:15 pm

lordlava wrote:<volunteering>

Anyone's welcome to help out with the game if they'd like. Please be mindful of the points raised about such contributions and try a few smaller projects to get yourself started. Have fun. :)
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