Templates and Examples

Templates and Examples

Postby Wahn » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:18 am

Here are some templates and useable pieces of code:

Infection Template:

Code: Select all
Version 1 of Template For FS by YourName begins here.
[ Edit the above line, replace 'Template' with your monster's name, and 'YourName' with the name you'd like credited for the mod. ]
[***This template is not an actual creature, but instead an template for monster creation for FS and should not be added to the game itself.***]

"Adds a Template creature to Flexible Survivals Wandering Monsters table"
[Description text for this Extension.]

Section 1 - Monster Responses

[ Use 'to say xxxxx' for overlong text boxes or complex situations, using '[xxxxx]' (in square brackets) within a say statement to execute them.  Typically, these are needed if there are a lot of cock/species/cunt checks. ]

when play begins:
[These flags indicate which monster groups your creature belongs to, should someone want to remove any given type.]
[Delete the lines with unneeded flags and replace 'Template' with your creature's name entry.  Case sensitive.]
   add { "Template" } to infections of girl;
   add { "Template" } to infections of guy;
   add { "Template" } to infections of hermaphrodite;
   add { "Template" } to infections of furry;
   add { "Template" } to infections of hellspawn;
   add { "Template" } to infections of humorous;
   add { "Template" } to infections of Tailweapon;      [usable for Tail Strike feat]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Felinelist;      [list of feline infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Caninelist;      [list of canine infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Equinelist;      [list of equine infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Vulpinelist;   [list of vulpine infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Reptilelist;   [list of reptile infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Insectlist;      [list of insectile infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Plantlist;      [list of plant infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Avianlist;      [list of avian/bird infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Avianpredlist;   [list of predatory avian/bird infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Taurlist;      [list of tauric infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Knotlist;      [list of cock infections with a knot]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Latexlist;      [list of latex/rubber/PVC skin infections]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Internallist;   [list of infections w/internal male genitals]
   add { "Template" } to infections of BarbedCocklist;   [List of creatures with a barbed cock]
   add { "Template" } to infections of Firebreathlist;   [List of fire breathing creatures]

[Sample loss and victory text templates.]
[Numerous other variations can be found in existing creature files.]
[Change the 'template' in their names here and below to something appropriate to your creature.]

to say losetotemplate:
   say "     You were beaten by the creature.";
   if cocks of player > 0:
      say "     Additional paragraph for a male/herm player.";
   otherwise if cunts of player > 0:
      say "     Additional paragraph for a female player.";
      say "     Additional paragraph for a neuter player.";

to say beatthetemplate:
   say "     You were victorious over the creature.";
   if cunts of player > 0 or cocks of player > 0:
      say "     Additional paragraph for a player with genitals. Do they want sex?";
      if the player consents:
         say "     The player agreed to sex. Fun times begin.";
         if cunts of player > 0:
            say "     The player is female/herm, so sex goes like this for her.";
            say "     The player must be male, so sex goes like this for him.";      
         say "     Awww! The player refused the sex. Party pooper.";
      say "     Neuter players don't get to have any fun.";

to say templatedesc:
   say "     Monster description paragraph 1.";
   say "     Monster description paragraph 2.";

Section 2 - Monster Insertion

Table of random critters (continued)
name   attack   defeated   victory   desc   face   body   skin   tail   cock   face change   body change   skin change   ass change   cock change   str   dex   sta   per   int   cha   sex   hp   lev   wdam   area   cocks   cock length   cock width   breasts   breast size   male breast size   cunts   cunt length   cunt width   libido   loot   lootchance   scale (number)   body descriptor (text)   type (text)   magic (truth state)   resbypass (truth state)   non-infectious (truth state)   nocturnal (truth state)   altcombat (text)
--   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --    --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --;

[ Adds a blank row to the table, this is immediately filled ;) ]
When Play begins:
   Choose a blank row from Table of random critters;
   now name entry is "Template";      [The creature's name as displayed and used in naming descriptions]
   now attack entry is "[one of]The template attacks you in some abstract manner![or]The template leaves you greater understanding, thereby lowering your resistance to it![or]The template batters you with examples![or]The template firmly makes its point![at random]";   [Text used when the monster succeeds on an attack]
   now defeated entry is "[beatthetemplate]";            [ Text when monster loses.  Change 'template' as above. ]
   now victory entry is "[losetotemplate]";               [ Text when monster wins.  Change 'template' as above. ]
   now desc entry is "[templatedesc]";                  [ Description of the creature when you encounter it. ]
   now face entry is "now a head described by this text";      [ Face Description, format as the text "Your face is (your text)." ]
   now body entry is "that of a well-described new form put here";   [ Body Description, format as the text "Your body is (your text)." ]
   now skin entry is "fur/scales/patterns that now cover your";   [ Skin desc., format as the text "Your body is covered in (your text) skin."  Note: the word 'skin' is automatically included at the end. ]
   now tail entry is "Your tail gets a full sentence ending in a period.";   [ Tail desc., written as a full sentence or left blank for none. ]
   now cock entry is "thesaurian";                  [ Cock desc., format as "You have a 'size' (your text) cock." ]
   now face change entry is "your head changes in some descriptive manner";   [ Face TF text, format as "Your face feels funny as (your text)." ]
   now body change entry is "your body takes on a newly described form";   [ Body TF text, format as "Your body feels funny as (your text)." ]
   now skin change entry is "you gain fur/scales/skin/patterns described herein";   [ Skin TF text, format as "Your skin feels funny as (your text)." ]
   now ass change entry is "your tail or ass changes in the manner described by this text";   [ Ass/Tail TF text, format as "Your ass feels funny as (your text)." ]
   now cock change entry is "it takes on a new, kinky form";      [ Cock TF text, format as "Your cock feels funny as (your text)." ]
   now str entry is 12;         [ These are now the creature's stats... ]
   now dex entry is 12;         [ ...and are only altered onto the player via Shifting or the Mighty Mutation feat ]
   now sta entry is 12;         [ These values may be used as part of alternate combat.]
   now per entry is 12;
   now int entry is 12;
   now cha entry is 12;
   now sex entry is "Male";                      [ Infection will move the player towards this gender.  Current: 'Male' 'Female' 'Both' ]
   now hp entry is 24;                           [ The monster's starting hit points. ]
   now lev entry is 1;                           [ Monster level.  (Level x 2) XP for victory.  (Level / 2) XP for losing. ]
   now wdam entry is 3;                          [ Monster's average damage when attacking. ]
   now area entry is "Outside";                  [ "Outside" "Mall" "Park" "Beach" etc... Check an existing creature in the area. ]
   now cocks entry is 1;                         [ Number of cocks the infection will try to cause if sex entry is 'Male' or 'Both'. ]
   now cock length entry is 12;                  [ Length in inches infection will make cock grow to if cocks. ]
   now cock width entry is 5;                    [ Cock width, more commonly used for ball size. ]
   now breasts entry is 0;                       [ Number of breasts the infection will give a player. ]
   now breast size entry is 0;                   [ Size of breasts the infection will try to attain (corresponds to letter cup size). ]
   now male breast size entry is 0;              [ Breast size for if Sex="Male", usually zero. ]
   now cunts entry is 0;                         [ The number of cunts the infection will try to cause if sex entry is 'Female' or 'Both'. ]
   now cunt length entry is 0;                   [ Depth in inches of female sex the infection will attempt to give a player. ]
   now cunt width entry is 0;                    [ Width in inches of female sex the infection will try to give a player. ]
   now libido entry is 45;                       [ Target libido the infection will rise towards. ]
   now loot entry is "";                         [ Dropped item, blank for none.  Case sensitive. ]
   now lootchance entry is 0;                    [ Percentage chance of dropping loot, from 0-100. ]
   now scale entry is 3;                         [ Number 1-5, approx size/height of infected PC body:  1=tiny, 3=avg, 5=huge ]
   now body descriptor entry is "erudite";       [ Ex: "plump" "fat" "muscled" "strong" "slimy" "gelatinous" "slender"   Use [one of] to vary ]
   now type entry is "conceptual";               [ one-word creature type. Ex: feline, canine, lupine, robotic, human... Use [one of] to vary ]
   now magic entry is false;                     [ Is this a magic creature? true/false (normally false) ]
   now resbypass entry is false;                 [ Bypasses Researcher bonus? true/false (almost invariably false) ]
   now non-infectious entry is false;            [ Is this a non-infectious, non-shiftable creature? True/False (usually false) ]
   blank out the nocturnal entry;                [ True=Nocturnal (night encounters only), False=Diurnal (day encounters only), blank for both. ]
   now altcombat entry is "default";             [ Row used to designate any special combat features, "default" for standard combat. ]

[A sample structure for succumbing/surviving messages at the end of the game.]
[Numerous other examples can be found in existing creature files.]

Section 3 - Endings

when play ends:
   if bodyname of player is "Template":
      if humanity of player is less than 10:
         say "     You succumb to your template infection.";
         say "     You survive, but were infected by the template.";
         if cocks of player > 0:                     [MALE/HERM]
            say "     Additional text for a male/herm survivor.";
         otherwise if "Sterile" is not listed in feats of player:   [F-BREEDABLE]
            say "     Additional text for a female survivor who can become preggers.";
         otherwise:                           [F-STERILE]
            say "     Additional text for a female survivor who cannot become preggers.";

[ Edit this to have the correct creature name as well]
Template For FS ends here.

Events - Basic (encounter while hunting/exploring)

Please note that you should use those sparingly, as excessive amounts of additional small new events can severely slow down game performance while hunting. Do check here for a list which regions actually need additional events. The Urban Forest and Capitol Building are two candidates who do. Still, single events with some greater content are always preferred over lots of small ones that clog the game up.

Code: Select all
<Template Event Name> is a situation.       [ Give your event a name with which people can find it ]   
The sarea of <Template Event Name> is "Red";  [ The "sarea" is the hunting are in which the event can come up, in this case the Red Light District ]
when play begins:  [ these exceptions are based on the second half so people aren't left standing ]
   add <Template Event Name> to badspots of guy;  [ possible blockable selections: girl, guy, hermaphrodite, furry, hellspawn, humorous ]

Instead of resolving a <Template Event Name>:
   say "     <Something happens>";
   say "     <Do you want to do something?>";
   if player consents:   [ yup, the player wants to to it ]
      say "     <He's doing it>";
   otherwise:   [ no, the player does not want to do whatever ]
      say "     <not doing the offered thing>";
   Now <Template Event Name> is resolved;

Events - Scavevent

Events that happen while scavenging, centering on finding food/water and items. There are a lot fewer of these around yet - still, no need to knock em out in the dozen, but areas which have none or only one could maybe use another to give some atmosphere...

Examples shown below. Just fill in your own content in likewise fashion.

Code: Select all
Abandoned Milk is a scavevent.
The sarea of Abandoned Milk is "Outside";
when play begins:
   add Abandoned Milk to badspots of furry;
   add Abandoned Milk to badspots of hermaphrodite;

Instead of resolving a Abandoned Milk:
   say "    Your search for edible items leads you into a playground and you see near a bench some men's clothing partially torn, as is the wearer had ripped out of them as they changed form. The back of the shirt is badly shredded, almost as if wings or similar had erupted out their back.";
   say "     On the bench you see an empty milk bottle lying on it's side. You also see an intact a milk bottle standing there - and it's full!  Walking over to the bench, you take the bottle, it has a blue silver label with the text 'QaL Dairy'. The milk is rather cold and smells delicious but there is a faint smell of something almost otherworldly. You wonder what became of the person who drank the other bottle, and hope they are happy however they look now!";
   increase carried of gryphon milk by 1;
   now Abandoned Milk is resolved;   

Code: Select all
Manna from Heaven is a scavevent.
The sarea of Manna from Heaven is "Outside";

Instead of resolving a Manna from Heaven:
   say "     Moving through the city, you suddenly hear cawing and shouting from somewhere above. It's a harpy flying in your direction, clutching something in her claws - closely followed by another who keeps insulting her. Sounds like they're having a disagreement of the ownership of the can of peaches the first one has in her talons. Before long, that dissolves into a furious mid-flight clawing match during which the fought-over can is knocked out of the claw holding it - and literally falls into your hands. You quickly dash off with it before the harpies team up and attack you.";
   increase carried of food by 1;
   now Manna from Heaven is resolved;
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Re: Templates and Examples

Postby Wahn » Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:41 pm

One important command for making long texts readable:

[WaitLineBreak] -> That puts in a wait/more or at least a line break in the text (depending on player settings)

Use it like this:
Code: Select all
say "[WaitLineBreak]";

(In its own line so its easily visible and moveable.)

My recommendation is one of those after 2 text chunks. Never fill the whole screen with text but rather serve long scenes up in readable chunks. Otherwise players will be discouraged from reading it all...
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Re: Templates and Examples

Postby Wahn » Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:12 pm

Okay, here's a basic NPC template with item trading and menus. Just say so if there are any questions...

FS NPC Template.rar
(2.16 KiB) Downloaded 892 times
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